Manava Bharati India International School conducted a workshop on ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming’ on 03 JULY, 2019. The workshop saw the participation of all the staff members. It began with a formal welcome of the facilitator Mrs. Jaswinder Grewal, an Educationist, Certified Personal Success Coach, Master Spirit Life Coach & NLP Master Coach and Career Development Practitioner.

In her address she emphasized on how we can evaluate our current situation and see new ways of approaching change , identify practical solution and uncover tool that help us positively make the transformation .

In the pre-lunch session, a participatory exercise “The Wheel of Life” was conducted to capture teachers’ thoughts on how they perceive life. Everyone rated themselves on different parameters on scale from 1 to 10. The exercise taught the teachers perfect ways of living a balanced life full of self-awareness and personal growth. Further, in an interaction round Mrs. Grewal attempted to do away the negativity and stagnate pain lying within the attendees.

In the post- lunch session, she engaged all of the individuals’ body, mind, heart and soul through Art Therapy exercise. It helped teachers develop self-awareness , explore emotions, address unresolved emotions, conflicts, improve social skill and self-esteem.

Thereafter, Mr. Rajeev Singhal, the principal of MBIIS School presented a sapling to Mrs. Jaswinder Grewal as a token of thanks and expressed his gratitude. Eventually, the session came to an end on a note that how significant, it is for a teacher to grow as an individual.


Conclusion – The workshop provided an enjoyable experience for participants. It was beautifully executed to bring together research and practice. They gained from the program to center themselves better as a teacher through many techniques.

They learned how to control and reduce stress and uplift themselves with positive thoughts and how to reduce negative talks. Everyone felt exceptionally and positively energized. And when this energy will pass on to students from their teachers, the school will undoubtedly escalate to great horizons.