Workshop on Internet Use and Addictions


Manav Bharati International School organised a workshop on Internet Use and Addictions to create awareness among children on ,that excess of anything never favours anyone . Since Internet has become an inseparable part of our lives . Even the young children are not untouched of its grip because of its unlimited good and bad use.


It is indispensable for school and management to organize workshops to highlight the harms caused by excess internet use. Keeping in view the need of such workshops.

Manav Bharati International school invited Ms Swati and Isha Sayan from Delhi University to facilitate an assembly of students from classes from XI to XII.The session began with an introductory round , followed by a session on Internet Addiction Test by Dr Kimberly .

It proved a reliable and valid measure of addictive use of internet among students. It consisted of 20 items that measured mild , moderate and sever level of internet addiction of students.Further, the exercises and preaching on Time management , Stress management and Mental health really helped the students to prepare themselves to face challenges related to their academic and personal life.

The programme concluded on a note that we must be discreet enough to differentiate between pros and cons of Internet Use.