what we’ve done

  • Look what we’ve done! There is nothing
  • That can bring back the brightness of the sun
  • The waters are so filled with our pollution
  • What’s going to happen to the coming generation?


  • We really need to wake up take stock
  • Or end up a diseased, petrified flock
  • Why so much rancor and greed?
  • Don’t we see the dreadful seed?


  • We are plunging deep into despair
  • As from the earth we steal layer after layer
  • Abusing her, tormenting her, leaving her naked and forsaken
  • Not realizing in the bargain our own lives we have taken


  • Oh! Look what we’ve done
  • Put to our own heads the gun
  • It’s just a ticking bomb, an awaiting to be pulled trigger
  • As we try feed our greed with everything bigger

-Rishika Gusain, XII Commerce