Visit to Cheshire Home


On 12 December 2018, students of class X went to Cheshire Home with two teachers Mr. Vipin Kumar & Mrs. Babita Gupta, students collected money & bought things like, Dettol, Choclates, pulses, sugar etc. As they entered Cheshire home, they gave all the things which they bought to the children living their. Students talked with them & they came to know that residents who were living there were mentally not well. Residents there were aged but they were behaving like, small kids.

Students when heard their stories from their caretaker they got sentimental & two students started crying due to this but later when students played with them, students as well as the residents of Cheshire Home were happy. The caretaker who was guiding students, named Yashoda, was of 40 years & was working their from 11 years.

She told students that there are 42 residents & among them only 2 or 3 are those whose parents come to meet them & only once in two years. There was one resident whose name was “Parth” he was very excited when he met the students. After some time students came to know that the Founder of Cheshire Home was Lord Group Captain Leonard Cheshire. Students enjoyed a lot &  they left Cheshire Home with a moral that they are very lucky, that they are at their homes & living happily with their family.”