“Culture  is  a  window  reflecting  the  history,  culture  and  spritual  world  of  a  nation, ………. Cultural exchange is a bridge to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the people of different nations”

Participating in a cultural exchange program is a perfect opportunity for students to visit foreign countries or invite them and learn more about them. Manava Bharati India International School also invited a Russian actor, dancer and teacher to visit the school Victoria Rehetova who is a student of acting skills in Petersburg University of Performance stage was invited in the school for two months to for Cultural Exchange Programme.

Victoria is a Russian ballet dancer who is teaching dance and music to 120 students of Manava Bharati School of classes VI to VIII. This is helping students to experience a new culture and develop themselves. Students are also learning and experiencing their responsibilities and opportunities in a changing interdependent world.

Manava Bharati has decided to invite teachers and students from various states and countries so that students get the opportunity to develop deep, lifetime connections with previously unknown people and places.


Student –  On behalf of the Manava Bharati family we welcome you to our school.

Viktoria-       Thank you. I really Studentpreciate the fact that the Director and Principal have allowed me to join your esteemed school.

Student –  What made you decide to visit India?

Viktoria-  I am fond of travelling, and making cultural exchanges.

Student –  Is India the first country you decided to visit?

Viktoria-   Yes, I have always felt a strong connection with India so when I decided to go abroad my first thought was India.

Student – What have you been teaching them children in the last couple of weeks?

Viktoria-  I have been teaching then a mix of Russian & Latino form of dance.

Student-   From what I have gathered after interacting with the children that they are totally entranced by you and always look forward to your dance classes.

Viktoria-  I have also shared about the Russian culture with the Students.

Student – Just tell me something about yourself.

Viktoria-  I am Viktoria, and I am a Student of St. Petersburg University of Drama. I belong to a small town called Krsnodar near the Black Sea. I have two siblings and my mother is a Baker.

Student –  What do you like about India?

Viktoria- I find the people friendly, helpful and warm. The Indian culture is so vibrant and diversified. I am a yoga fan and being in India has further honed my yoga skills.

Student –  What do you like in the Indian cuisine?

Viktoria- I liked Paneer & Ladoo.

Student –  When you look back what has been your worst day in India?

Viktoria-   I don’t think there was any bad day. Actually the time in India has been so exciting meeting new people, sharing their culture, and meeting Sadguru. that I want to come back again.

Student- We would love to have you with us again. Our best wishes are always with you.