Microsoft workshop in Manava Bharati ATL Lab


Dehradun| Government of India via NITI aayog launched Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) across India with a focus and aim to develop future entrepreneur and innovator. ATL’s are state of art, electronics , robotics and art & craft makers space where young school students can learn, work and engineer variety of innovative products to make life easier and world more sustainable. Within the ATL framework NITI Aayog encourage all the associates to organize variety of workshops for teachers and students to make them familiar with new technologies that have potential to change the world. In the same series Manava Bharati School Dehradun in association with  Microsoft India organized a workshop on 18th January 2018 at the school premises.

Microsoft has send their technological expert Ms. Shelly and Mr. Kalyan to give training on Microsoft education tools and Internet of things applications. The Workshop started with the example “How technology can change the world in positive way.” They introduce the concept of smart cities and smart schools. Further they talked about Microsoft education tools such as One note, Office 365 and Outlook. They showed how these tools could be used to make notes, to write framework and proposal for projects and make presentations for teaching and presenting the work in conferences or workshop. After the presentation they ask attendees to do hands on practice and create demo files on One note.

 In the second half of the workshop Microsoft expert introduced the concept of Internet of things (IoT). They gave various example of how IoT technology can change the world around us. For example they gave a small demo of home automation system, where they showed it is possible to communicate with our devices and appliances from remote location using IoT devices and technology. They said using IoT we can actually communicate with any IoT compatible device from any location.

They gave another example where IoT is used  to monitor the health status of a patient in one location by a doctor located in another location. In this way doctor always knows the real time health status of his patient even when he is not physically present with the patient.

In the last session experts had interaction with the teachers and Students, and allowed them to ask any related question. Student of class 8th Asmit asked “ The difference between the processor and the controller”. Another question was “how the futuristic smart cities would look like.” Students also asked about the functioning of various sensors and their programming using the Ardiuno board.

The participants were, and Dr. Gaurav Mani Khanal ATL In-Charge Manava Bharti School, Mr. Manoj Kumar, Dr. Farha Sameer, Ms. Jagriti, Ms Poonam from Manava Bharati School, Mr Amit Kumar ATL In-Charge K.V.FRI, Dehradun and Mr. M Elahi from K.V.ONGC Dehradun.

Dr. Himanshu Shekhar Director of Manava Bharati School said that this type of workshop and brainstorming sessions should happen regularly so as to keep pace with the fast changing technological world.  Ms. Neena Pant appreciated the workshop session and said it is great initiative and should be continue for the benefit of students and teachers.