Mango Party


It was a perfect day to celebrate the season of the king of fruits ‘Mango’ with a fun filled learning & fun in the form of a Mango Party.

Classes from pre- primary to class II of Manava Bharati India International School participated in the Mango party on 3rd April 2019. The children of the pre-primary section came dressed in shades of yellow & green. The main idea of holding Mango Party was to introduce children with different kinds of mangoes, their colour and uses.


The children touched, smelled and held mangoes to know its texture& smell. Kids even recited a song on mango & were really excited. The teachers of pre-primary section decorated the room & interacted with the children. They showed them how to peel and cut the mangoes. They all later ate the delicious Mango they had bought. The children looked excited and left the school with a happy memory.