Manava Bharati visit to Prem Dham  


The students of class X went to visit an old age home (Prem Dham) in Dalanwala, Dehradun. Who were escorted by Mrs. Jennifer and Mrs. Babita Gupta. They took with them some biscuits and some soft drinks and as it was the birthday of one of their classmates so they went with a cake.

It took around 15 minutes to reach there. Finally they all were there. The environment was peaceful there, people were busy in their work some were bathing, some chatting and some were taking sun bath. All went with a happy mood but soon the moods were changed as they met with the old people and interacted with them.

After listening to the problems of the people their hearts were filled with sadness. We met a lady who’s left side was completely pralysed and she was their from the past four years. Most of them were well educated & left there by their children. We met one lady who was 96 years old she had done her BA in England and was a nurse superintendent and there was also an ex-welhmite teacher who made us laugh and gave us some true lessons for life, then to refresh there and our moods we sang songs for them and danced.

After that finally we celebrated Mimansha’s birthday and served them biscuits, juice and cake. We also had the cake afterwards. Overall we enjoyed but we all learned one thing that we should respect our parents and elders and grandparents and never leave them.