Manava Bharati Students at Ambedkar Stadium ONGC


Manava Bharati India International School’s students have taken part in Painting a mural at ONGC, Ambedkar Stadium on 01.08.2018. We have partnered with ONGC to raise awareness on waste management and improve social empowerment of the citizens of Dehradun.

Our city has long been losing its charm and fervour due to our negligence toward our waste and its effects on shared environment.

With this initiative, we would like to depict major social issues in the city. We believe that it is one of the best ways to promote our shared vision of a cleaner India.

Waste Warriors will be supported by ONGC to provide all the equipment for the mural. Certificates of appreciation have been provided to all participating students by ONGC and West Warriors.

Participated Students
S.No Name
1 Sumit
2 Mohit
3 Anshikha
4 Mahima
5 Saloni
6 Vaishnavi Gupta
7 Manavi
8 Shreya
9 Vaishnavi Chauhan
10 Riya