Manava Bharati Teachers Participated in Microsoft MIEE Summit at Doon School


 DEHRADUN:  Microsoft organised Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts (MIEE) Summit in Dehradun on 27th January 2018 at The Doon School, Dehradun.  The objective of the event was to provide an opportunity to develop professional skills using cutting edge techniques, innovation practices and collaboration in education by MIE Master Trainers Meenakshi and Jyoti. The master trainers showcased state-of-the-art technologies that have potential to drive the change and determine distinction in teaching learning practices.

The first session was particularly focused on virtual classroom concept. Trainers gave example on how to use messaging tool skype for expanding and extending the  teaching beyond the class/school boundary. Trainers said it is time for “collaborative and global knowledge sharing” and Microsoft free online education tools is a great platform for knowledge sharing via messaging tools like skype where a teacher connect his/her class virtually to another teacher/class starts knowledge sharing. Also, using online tools gives freedom to user to share his/her document in real time with other users simply by sharing the document link via message or email. This could be useful for starting collaborative research  work among teachers.

In second and last session trainers started by asking a question ” how can we make teaching and learning more easy and efficient ” .  Continuing the session trainers said tools like “Onenote” and “sway” have the answer for the above question. Using these tools a teacher can make effective presentation by using simple drag and drop method, and share instantly with students. These presentation which can also be a video presentation remain saved  in Microsoft cloud  and can be accessed by students or fellow teachers or parents from anywhere.  This would help student to catch up missed lesson or revise the lesson.

The session was attended by 37 educators from Dehradun and Near by cites. From our school Mr. Manoj Kumar and Dr. Gaurav Mani Khanal attended the session.

Mr Manoj and Dr. Gaurav said that the summit focused on how to make teaching more interactive and innovative using the Microsoft education tools. These Microsoft tools are available for free at and Each participant was given a certificate from Microsoft for being a part of this training session.