Manava Bharati School: Orientation Programme Day


Orientation Programme was conducted in Manava Bharati India International School on 24th March 2018. The aim of the meeting was to familiarize the parents with the rules and regulations of the school activities, teaching methodologies and learning parameters. Manava Bharati is totally committed to the cause of educational excellence and helps the students to become not only motivated global citizens but also focus and appreciate the ethos and traditions of Indian culture.

Parents were informed that students will be monitored in the following areas:-

  • Punctuality  
  • Discipline
  • Academics
  • Absenteeism
  • Participation in Activities
  • General Behavior

Further parents who are our ‘Partners in progress’ were informed about the code of conduct for students as well as Parents.

Code of Conduct for Students

  • Reach in time and attend Assembly
  • No leave without a written request duly signed by the parents will be sanctioned.
  • Half day will be permitted only in case of an emergency.
  • Use of foul language and showing aggressiveness is forbidden.
  • Harming School property can cause suspension.
  • Speak only in English.

Points for Parents

  • Show respect for the School and its Discipline Policy.
  • Encourage the Child to be regular and punctual.
  • The ward should be encouraged to speak in English at home and use words like ‘Please’, ‘May I’, ‘Excuse me’,  ‘Sorry’,  ‘Thank You’,  to maintain the language decorum.
  • The child will not be sent home with relatives without prior information by the parents.
  • In cases where the child needs specific medical attention the School authorities will have to be informed. No Student should attend School if he/she is suffering from a contagious disease.

The parents were asked to go through the School Diary to see other information given there, and were assured that the teachers would be interacting with the guardians on a regular basis to discuss their wards problems.