Manava Bharati School: Nukkad Natak on Uttarakhand diwas


Dehradun| November 2000 was the day when the state of Uttarakhand came to existence. Since then 9 Nov is celebrated as UTTARAKHAND DIWAS. The students of MANAVA BHARATI INDIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL celebrated the day with full zeal and enthusiasm. As a mark of celebration  a special assembly was held. An Inter House Nukkad Natak was also organised to commemorate Uttarakhand Diwas.

The theme of Vikramshila House was ANDHVISHWAS ie SUPERSTITION. Ms Babita Gupta and Dr Farah Samir were the mentors. The story and concept was written and dramatized under the supervision of Ms Babita Gupta.

The theme for Panchshila House was Nari Shakti. The idea chosen as the concept  by Takshila House was Women empowerment. The Theme chosen by Nalanda House was Secularism. Our Principal Ms Nina Pant consented to be the Judge. The idea behind nukkad natak was to conceptualize the various myths and misnomers of the society.


Superstition is one of the worst flaw prevailing in the Indian Society. We all are familiar to the latest examples of Baba Ram Rahim and Sant Aasaram Bapu. Every year so many people fell a prey to the disguises of the babas. Other myths such as A black cat cutting out in the way, sneezing while leaving for a work, breaking mirrors bring bad luck, removing the evils eye, adding one rupee to a gift sum etc are just to name  a few. Through our presentation we tried to break down the trust of such people and bring them back to reality. The students enjoyed it very much. Kudos to the efforts of both the teachers and the students.

The winners of the day were the participants of Takshashila House. The second position was bagged by Vikramshila House.

TAKSHASHILA HOUSE presented the Nukkad Natak on “women empowerment’. The Natak focused on to increase the power of women so that the status of women can be upgraded/ improved  in the society .As ,it is the need of the hour,today.

The play started with the praises to mother India and followed up by telling sufferings of women in India.Then two  skits were presented- On killing the girl child, 2- On killing the desires of girl child.

After that all problems of women were presented in form of question session and then a lesson was given that every women has to stand herself for her status and soon she will achieve it. At the end power of women was presented through a poem by all participants .

The participants of the play are Sneha, Tanuja, Tanushree, Rahul, Nitin, Shivam, Anuj Belwal,Malika Thakur, Aditi Ramola, Nikhil, Priya, Arunima. Teacher Incharges were Mrs.Charu, Mrs.Vidushi. The participants from vikramshila House were Aditi Shaily,Shagun Bhardwaj, Neha Bijalwan, Rishabh Raturi, Tushar Negi, Ashmit Rana, Stuti Kantoor, Himanshu, Yograj, Kaustub, Pooja, Ashish.

The participants of Panchshila House were Yash, Niharika, Anshika, Sumit, Megha, Arsh, Raghav, Lahar, Harshit, Shrishti, Arav. The participants of Nalanda House were Ayush, Vansh, Saubhagya, Anisha, Prachi, Anirudh, Aaftab, Vedansh, Ayush Chauhan, Sidhant, Vimal.