Manav Bharati School at Microsoft Master training Program


At Manava Bharati school our emphasis is always on creating an environment for simple, extensive and interactive learning experience for both our teachers and students.

Our efforts has been recognized by the NITI Aayog Govt. Of India and Microsoft India. The NITI Aayog selected our school under flagship program of Government of India Atal innovation mission for establishing ATAL TINKERING LAB(ATL). ATL will be a state of art Engineering and Technology lab, where student will have an opportunity to create real time projects and working prototypes of their idea.

Microsoft on other hand has selected our school as one of the 25 schools that microsoft will support and mentor for enabling constructive state of art interactive education system for students, teachers and community as whole.
As a first step on invitation from NITI aayog and Microsoft our school represented by Dr Gauravmani Khanal our school’s ATL in-charge attended the first ” Master training working” held at Microsoft India office, Gurugram from 12th to 14th September.
Dr Khanal on his return from the training workshop shared his experiences with school. He said ” The program reality was an eye opener on progress of Technology especially internet of thing (IoT) technology on solving community problems or on helping improve the current technologies in various areas be it education or health or sports”.
Dr Khanal further told the school that Microsoft India has promised all possible support to the school for creating ATL lab and for implementing smart education system in the school.
It is a proud moment for the school as one of the world most renowned company has decided to mentor our school. We believe together with support from NITI Aayog and Microsoft india, we will certainly generating many innovators and enturpnuer of the future India. We thank Niti Aayog and Microsoft again.