Fit India Movement: Inter-house Debate


Literary activities like debates and declamations help children to enhance their academic research, creativity, expression and communication skills.

A debate makes students learn the nuances of debating, putting forth their view points confidently and gain un parallel knowledge.

An Inter-house English Debate Competition was held on the occasion of Fit India School Week in Manava Bharati India International School on November 26, 2019. The topic of the debate was ‘Effects of Technology on Health and Mental Fitness’.

Debaters from each house debated excellently in favour and against the motion. The audience applauded each one of them as they kept forth their arguments with great confidence. The contestants were judged on content, pronunciation and clarity.

Vidyama of Panchshila house was declared the winner, second position was bagged by Shivangi and Kashish of Nalanda house. Souhardi of Vikramshila house, Sneha of Takshashila house and Avishek of Vikramshila House got the third position.