English Handwriting Competition


It is well said,”Hand writing is necessary in every age, it is just as vital to the enduring saga of civilization as our next breath”. To inculcate the habit of good handwriting and appreciate the children with beautiful handwriting, Manava Bharati School organized English Handwriting Competition on 27th April 2019.

The students of classes I to VIII participated with full interest. The judges Ms. Nupur Sharma & Ms.Niharika Bhatnagar selected the winners on the basis of writing style, legibility, neatness and the most important beautification.

The Principal Mr Rajeev Singhal congratulated the winners and told everyone the importance of good handwriting and how good handwriting can be productive for their future career. The entire event was coordinated by Ms Jeniffer Paffett & Ms Arti Raturi.

CLASS   1st POSITION                                             2nd POSITION

1          Tanveer                                                  Samridhi Ran

2          Nandini                                                   Ananya Pandi

3           Ekta Prasad Pal                                       Ananya Khattr

4          Yashita Dhoti                                           Khushi Bhardwa

5          Aryan Chauhan                                        Sania Bar

6          Avantika Bhandari(6B)                             Himanshi Verma(6B)

7          Priyanshu Sharma(7A)                             Somiya Rathore(7B)

8          Anvesha Rana (8B)                                 Sahid(8B)