Diwali Rangoli Competition


Dehradun: Rangoli competition organized by the Manava Bharati India International  School on 17th October 2017. This was an inter-house competition and from each house selected a team of four students for the competition.  The competition was judged by Principal Nina Pant and Kenny Sir.  A member from each house team described the idea behind their respective Rangoli design theme.

All designed was exceptional and it was difficult for our judges to declare the winner.  After taking into account all the details of the each rangoli design, the judges gave their final decision.


The results of the competition were as follows- First Position Takshila House- Pragya Kimothi, Sumit Kimothi, Malika Thakur, Aditi Ramola,Second Position Nalanda House- Ritika, Harshita, Amreen, Sheetal,Third Position  Panchshila House- Ayush, Sakshi, Kanika, Dheeraj,Fourth Position Vikramshila House- Riya, Aditi, Shagun, Devshree.