Debate Competition


As we all know that expressing our views is our fundamental rights and with this only debate also becomes a very important part of students life to build up their views in front of the people. So keeping it in our minds Manava Bharati India International School has conducted a debate competition on 31August 2018.

The topic of the debate was English should be our National language (Yes or No). In this debate there were two children from each class and house. There was a  judge to evaluate and give his suggestion on this topic to the children. All participants were encouraged and boosted a lot.

The Winner of the competition was Harshita Sharma Class VIII A of Panchshila House . The second runner up was Shubham Singh Shah Class VII A of Nalanda House and their was tie between two houses Vikramshila and Takshila and the students were Shreya Bhatt Class VII A and Aryan Singh Class VIII B. It was a very power pact performance which builds up the confidence and presentation power of the students.