Debate Competition: Science- A Bane or A Boon


Dehradun| This is the age of science. Science has changed every field of life, impossible things have become possible through science. Thousands of things in our daily life are the gift of science. It is the ultimate discovery of humans but behind these advantages there are many disadvantages too.

Manava Bharati India International School conducts many literary activities in the school from time to time. Debate being one of them. Debate is one of the most important activity as it enhances not only the auditory but even the analytical skills of students. This activity helps students to find more about a topic and give their opinion about it in a definite time. The topic of the Inter House Debate Competition which was conducted on 15th November 2017 in the school auditorium was” Science- A Bane or A Boon”.

Two students from each house participated in the competition.

  1. Vikamshila- i) Sampat Daspattnayak  ii) Devshree Jagtap
  2. Panchshila – i) Sakshi     ii) Harshit Tripathi
  3. Takshashila- i) Sumit Rokaya ii) Nikhil Mewar
  4. Naklanda -i) Priyansh Jubli     ii)Ritika Negi

The students were judged on their Content, Expressions ,Confidence, Vocabulary and Time Management.


The results of the Debate Competition are as follows:

  1. Nalanda House stood first speaking against the Topic.
  2. Takshashila House stood first speaking for the Topic

The students actively participated in the competition but some of the students who read from papers were marked negatively, overall the performance of the students was satisfactory. The judges for the competition were Mr. Ajay Gupta and Ms. Jennifer who later announced the results& motivated the students.