• What a vibrant world so full of colors!!!
  • And we never get tired of seeing so many more
  • A variety of shades and hues we tire not of
  • Unimaginable our world without hue or tone


  • The magnificence of the shades of green
  • Cannot be described to the eye unseen
  • The rainbow in all its splendor
  • Has not the slightest flaw


  • Who can capture the turquoise of the sea
  • All these colors for us to enjoy…so free
  • The brilliance of the orange sun
  • Always has memories of so much fun


  • Therefore nature and all its beauty
  • Is a must to protect and our solemn duty
  • Or else this vibrant world will become a drab
  • If we live our lives just to grab


Harshit Singh, X A