Class Room Management workshop


Manava Bharati Live

A two day workshop by CBSE was organized on 28-29 July 2017 in Sai Grace Academy Raipur Dehradun. it was conducted by the resource persons from CBSE Mr. Madan Sahri and Mr. Srivastava representatives from Manava Bharati India International School were Ms. Jennifer Paffet and Dr. Farah Samir. The objectives of classroom Management were focused upon and issues related to classroom management were discussed. Following is a brief report on the minutes of the seminar. Classroom Management is the key to the smooth and effective conduction of a lesson in the class despite of the disruptive behaviour, attitude problems, restlessness, and other common problem of the students. Classroom Management to have a hold of discipline in the class without using any stress related factor, rather eliminating out use of shouting, yelling and scolding.

The philosophy of classroom management should be based on the following:

  • Providing a safe, comfortable and interesting environment.
  • Maximizing opportunities for student learning.
  • Welcoming suggestions, queries, problems, interests of students.

Quick Interventions that support Classroom Management

  • Show students that it pays to behave. Compliment your class and praise them for behaving well.
  • Never punish an entire class especially a senior lot. They can protest back. Handle them tactfully.
  • Find things to appreciate your students. Reward them frequently. Even verbal will do.
  • Change the tone. If you are Harsh and notice some from the other side try to get calm.
  • Forgive and forget. Don’t drag on with the things.
  • Give student choices. Don’t be too strict and monotonous.
  • Encourage healthy discussions between students. You may come to know their personality

Around 25 schools from Dehradun and nearby cities participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. The session was indeed very knowledgeable, interactive and interesting.