Chase for happiness

  • The chase for happiness
  • Is not in more but in less
  • You may call me a fool
  • But in fact that is the rule


  • When we mistake happiness for things
  • Our heart stops to beat and no longer sings
  • How can the world which is perishing
  • Into our homes and lives happiness bring??!


  • A chasing after the wind it is said
  • To go tired, stressed, dejected to bed
  • When will we realize it is but a mirage?
  • That life not need to be lived large


  • Oh! Look what we’ve done
  • Put to our own heads the gun
  • It’s just a ticking bomb, an awaiting to be pulled trigger
  • As we try feed our greed with everything bigger


  • We no longer stop and at creation stare
  • Too busy, running ahead we actually don’t care
  • That we make it what we want, this life
  • A treasure trove of love and peace or filled with nothing but strife


  • It takes but a moment
  • To crash, this body this tent
  • We need to pause, take a deep breath
  • Take a step back and stop to fret


  • It is in the little pleasures of life
  • That there is an ending greed and strife
  • This journey need not be arduous and tedious miles
  • We can choose our own life filled with smiles

Ankita Rawat, XII Com