Capacity Building  Workshop

 “Tell me and I forget , teach me and I may remember .involve me and learn”                                                                                                                            Benjamin Franklin

Teacher have one of the most demanding locations in the world and in order to fulfill their important roles with excellence , they need training , motivation as well as regular mental and emotional rejuvenation. The educational systems the world over recognize the importance of the teacher is often evident by the resources spent on teacher capacity building. Educational initiatives for many years , has been focusing on activities to being about paradigm shift in the way students learn and the teachers approaches teaching to move the system from one of ‘rate learning ‘ to ‘Learning with understanding ‘.

As a step towards it CBSE conducted a workshop in DPSG, Selaqui for teachers of English teaching senior classes . Ms. Anita Raturi, the Principal of Foothills School, Rishikesh and Ms. Madhurika Chaturwedi , retired Principal of Kendriye Vidyalaya were the distinguished teacher trainer for the two days session . Manava Bharati in an attempt to improve the teaching skills of their staff , sent their senior English teacher to attend the workshop .

Ms. Jennifer Paffet and Ms. Saima attend the workshop. The workshop addressed to enrich teachers’ academic knowledge and pedagogical methods in subject area , to move the school to a skill based curriculum to focus on learning with understanding the performance data and identify the learning gaps , for teachers to understand assessments and design good questions . About fifty teachers from various cities attended the workshop .