Best of luck and do well in your exams


From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Students,

Ms. Nina Pant

We know its taxing to prepare for your board exams. Do not get overwhelmed and just follow the ‘Ten Point’ programme given below-

  1. Eat healthy. Avoid junk food and include fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet.
  2. Get sufficient sleep. With sound sleep the retention power increases, but that does not mean you sleep all the time.
  3. Exercise for half an hour which will release Endorphins (the happy hormones).
  4. Select a proper study place. Keep your desk tidy and distraction free. Try not to study on your bed because you will tend to fall asleep. Reduce the use of social media.
  5. Stay away from artificial energy boosters.
  6. Take breaks, as it is important to relax.
  7. Plan and organize your schedule.
  8. You know your strengths and weakness. Plan your entire routine around them. Work harder on your weak points.
  9. Refer to the past year papers and practice.
  10. Keep realistic and achievable targets.

Be optimistic and stop procrastinating. Do not let the fear of failure bog you down. You might not be good in one subject but might excel in another. Do not take stress. Remember to have faith in yourself. Study hard, remain cheerful and do well.

Best of luck and do well in your exams.

Ms. Nina Pant