Bakers Day


Children got into a holiday spirit with baking of a cake which they enjoyed on the occasion of Baker’s Day on 16th May 2019 at Manava Bharati India International School. Our little stars of Playgroup, Nursery and KG class prepared ‘Yummy’ mouth watering cake and discovered a master chef inside them.


The day was geared up with introducing the ingredients to the young ones. They picked up the vocabulary like, Flour, Sugar, butter, baking powder and more. The young ones were enthusiastic to whisk the ingredients and blend it into a fine batter. Once the preparations were done, the cake was kept for baking in the oven. The children patiently waited for the cake to get baked and meanwhile indulged in making snakes and singing songs on the melodious lines of “Hot cross Buns”.

The happiness on the face of tiny tots was priceless, when they saw their cake baked and was ready to eat. All their patience and hard work paid when they ate their share of the “Yummy Delicious Cake”.