ATL Tinkering Fest Day 2

 Today Students started working on their previously allotted project prototypes and developed their prototypes under the guidance of Mr. Sarthak. The following prototypes were showcased by the students at the conclusion of ATL Tinkering Festival: –
Title – Vehicle Overload Detection System
Description – The Vehicle Overload Detection System is the prototype which works on Flex  Sensor technology and detects the overloading of vehicles. This prototype is helpful for transport enforcement agencies.
Title – Bluetooth Based Smart Car
Description –  The Bluetooth Based Smart Car prototype is useful for the people who are not able to drive car due to the physical disabilities. This car can be controlled by a mobile device such as mobile phone or joystick. As well in future the same can be improved to work upon voice commands.
Title – Traffic Light Blockade System
Description – The Traffic Light Blockade System prototype is meant for providing a mechanism to block the road as per traffic light system so that nobody can jump the traffic light when it is red. By the use of this system accidents due to traffic light jumping can be stopped.
Title – Smart Vehicle Seat Belt System
 Description – The Smart Vehicle Seat Belt System is meant for detecting seat belt wearing by the driver of a vehicle as well it can detect the fake impression of seat belt by the use pulse sensor which will help to check whether the seat belt is actually used by a person.
Projects were showcased by the students and presented their working.