On the occasion of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s birth anniversary ATL Community Day was celebrated in Manava Bharati India International School to open the gate of ATL to the children from non- ATL Schools, NGOs, Social welfare organizations and local. Community to introduce them to tinkering and innovative world of ATL.


ATL Community Day initiative seeks to foster an environment of innovation and creativity by exposing children from nearby non ATL schools and community to various 21st century skills and resources available in the Atal Tinkering Lab.


The students of class VIII participated in the activity. Initially participates from various schools were welcomed by Mr Manoj Kumar and were addressed and welcome by Principal Sir. Then students were introduced to 3D printing by Ms. Niharika Mishra (Design Professional) and hands on experience, followed by the Activity session taken by Ms. Nidhi Awasthi (ATL Incharge).

The same session was also conducted in the second half of the day along with Mr. Anil Kandwal, Mr. Silas & Mr. MS Rawat as a helping hand. Ashmit, Saubhagya and Sameer of class X B shared their past experience of ATL Lab with students.


  • Balloon train activity to create the longest and strongest single structure with provided material and the learning outcome was structure, team work, planning and leadership.
  • To control the LED using of arduino board, raspberry wire as an interface and the jumped wire.
  • Introduction to 3D printing with working demonstration. To make them understand about the machinery and of new technology for manufacturing.