Art Competition: Utsav Negi, Aarav Rawat & Vimal Bhatt are winners


Founder’s day was celebrated on 10th Feb,2018 in Manava Bharati India International School with full zeal and enthusiasm. An Art Competition was conducted for class I to XI.The competition was divided in three categories A,B,C

Category A consisted of  Classes I to III.  The topic was “My favourite  drawing” or “My Dream” Category B included Classes  IV to VI. The topic was” Techno India” or” My Favourite Game”

Category C included Classes VIII to XI  The topic was” Social Awareness” or” Smart City”.

The students enthusiastically participated in the competition and gave their best to win the competition. Principal Ms. Nina Pant and Mr. Kennith Paffet were the judges. The best three drawings were selected from each category. The name of the winning students are as follows:

Category A

  1.  Utsav Negi class 3                 I
  2. Tanya Paswan class 2             II
  3. Ambika class 3                      III

Category B

  1. Aarav Rawat class 7B            I
  2. Harsh Magwal class 7A          II
  3. Vedansh Verma class 7B        III


Category C

  1. 1.Vimal Bhatt    class 8A        I
  2. 2.Nikhil Mewar  class 9B        II
  3. 3.Robin Gusain  class 8B       III