All about ROBOTS @ Manava bharati international school ATL lab.

Manava Bharati Live | Dehradun
Robot now a very familiar and well known figure in this 21st century world. From movies/entertainment to medical and household robots have their presence. In current time it is hard to find someone who would say ” I do not know what is a robot”, all have a very simple and clear concept of robot i.e. robot is a big strong machine having physical layout similar to human.
This big human like machine is basically controlled by the human itself. But does this common definition or picture of robot is enough to actually understand what a robot is? or does science have something more to say about robot and their life. If we take the scientific definition of Robot, science says ” Anything that has controllable brain and has motion” is a robot. In simpler word ” Robot is any machine which can be programmed (brain) to perform certain task (motion)”.
In this sense we humans are surrounded by robots from automatic care to fully automatic washing machine everything is a robot having a certain shape or structure. To discuss the life cycle from birth of a robot to its end a robotic workshop was held by Atal Tinkering lab at Manava bharati school dehradun on 24-08-2017.
In this workshop robotic and electronics engineering experts first introduced the basics of robotic programming. Programme is the brain of any robotic device, it is this program which tells the robot to perform the certain task. But to come closer to humans and human world with brain robot need also intelligence i.e. it should be able to modulate itself depending upon different environments and input, just like our human body which modulate itself sensing the environment change.
We have five biological sense organs which help our brain to perform intelligently, similarly in robotic life we have different sensors which help a robot to work intelligently. Sensors are now an integral part of our life, from mobile to television to traffic lights to gaming/sports to medical equipment to high end engineering products all have different different sensors installed.
Actually, it will be fair to say now a days we are surrounded with senors. In this workshop students got a chance to not only learn about sensors from experts but also practically use them to create small model. Like, Light dependent dc motor etc etc.
Students were very much excited about the sensors and their use, they ask many questions to the teachings members. for example: one of the student as “What kind materials are used for fabricating a sensor?”, another asked ” If any biological sensory part can be replaced by the electronics sensors , If yes what kind of sensors could be used to replace biological parts?”. Experts gave details answered to all the students queries. With this ATL session students learned all about the excited world of robot and sensors.