AIM 2 EXCEL Workshop for Teachers


School change happens only when teachers are allowed to own and drive the change. Teachers embody the culture and the purpose of a school and when properly supported and inspired will transform schools with their energy and ideas around global learning. Keeping this in view the school organized an in-service teacher training workshop on 15th December, 2018. Ankit Narayan, Co-founder AIM 2 EXCEL conducted the workshop. The workshop aimed to better equip the teachers to

  • guide students about future directions
  • help students manage their exam anxiety and develop effective study habits
  • have better relationships with their students

The workshop was divided in three sessions

  • Discussion – AIM 2 EXCEL assessment, report and counselor dashboard
  • Case Study – Class X student Paridhi
  • Role Plays- Lack of focus in academics, Exam Anxiety and Unconventional Career Choice


The teachers thanked Director Dr. Himanshu Shekhar  for organizing this workshop for them and hope that they will continue to do the same.