Activity on Table Manners


It is said habits are best made when you are young. Therefore Class 3 was selected to perform an activity on ‘Table Manners’. Table manners are the etiquette which we follow while having our food. This includes washing hands, use of napkins, use of fork and knife eating and chewing quietly and properly. Table manners also include proper use of cutlery such as plates, bowls, knives, spoons, forks etc. Sitting together at a table with the family,friends or relatives makes eating an enjoyable experience .

Mannat and Anoop of class 3 conducted the programme ‘Table Manners’. The skit showed how father Anshuman and mother Irtiqa left no stone unturned to teach their son Shaurya good table manners.

Other students Vaishnavi, Aoan, Manas, Saurabh, Shrishti, Arnav, Akshita, Taniya, Arush, Vedant, Pragya contributed towards the show with their small fillers. The Principal, Mrs. Nina Pant appreciated the performance and taught the students how to use a fork, and knife. The children learnt how a table is set up before a meal. The programme was co ordinated by Ms. Arti Raturi